How To Set The IP Address Befrore Connecting A Router

In this specific process we are explaining, we are using Windows 8, however it is very similar to both Windows 7 and Vista. If you are unable to access 192.168.l.l or the specific IP address that your router uses, you should try to connect an Ethernet cable between your router and computer.

Second, you’re going to want to bring up a command prompt by entering the word “command” in the Start menu search box. Then, choose Command Prompt. Then type “ipconfig” and press Enter. You will then see a list of network adapters. Look through this list until you find the number next to the Default gateway.

Usually set as 192.168.l.l. this is the name of your IP address for the router you are trying to connect to. After this, you will want to open a new web browser window and (in our case) type 192.168.l.l. into the address bar- make sure you DO NOT add “http://” before this.

You should then see the login screen provided for your router. If you have forgotten the username and password needed to login to your router, you’ll need to reset it back to factory settings. You can achieve this by inserting a thumbtack, or some other small pin into the reset hole. For this to work, your router must be connected to the mains and turned on.

After this, follow the steps your 192.168.l.l. prompts you to do. When you are done with all of this, do yourself a favor and stick a label on the router with the IP address- 192.168.l.l. and the router username and password. This will prevent any further issues in the future if you have to again connect the router to your IP address- 192.168.l.l.